Payment Options For Ecommerce Websites

Currently, our most popular request is for eCommerce websites. This is perhaps because more and more people want to either set up businesses on their own, or want to supplement the income they have with a nice little profit from an ecommerce website. You need to find a company that has plenty of knowledge in this field and as the number one company for Ecommerce web design in Shropshire, we fit the bill! [Read more…]

SEO Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in simple terms is the art of improving a website optimisation to increase rankings in a search engine through working on the internal and external aspects of a site. Good website optimisation requires many aspects from looking at the correct keywords that best suit the site for SEO copywriting, through to building links that point to a site subsequently helping its rankings. [Read more…]

Website Design

We offer website design in Shropshire, Midlands and for those of you unsure about why you need a website, or what type of website you will need then take a look at our services.

In this day and age, businesses cannot afford not to have a website has more or less everyone has come to rely on them. The common calls that can be heard from bargain hunters are “I got it online” and “have you looked online for that cheap didgeridoo doo!?” [Read more…]

Case Study:Using Facebook Succesfully-Number 45, Newport, Shropshire

I am a massive advocator of Local to Newport. It might be because, after living in Ludlow for years and seeing how well they did their Local to Ludlow and supporting small local businesses that I am such a fan. Or it might be because, as we are a small business, I want to support other like minded individuals on Newport just trying to earn a living, whilst taking a chance and doing what they love. It’s because of this that today’s post is about Number 45, the gift shop on Newport High Street. [Read more…]